Mail Detective: Detect scam email by tracing the geographic origin.

Mail Detective

Detect scam email by tracing the geographic origin.

This app is no longer available as its development has been discontinued.

Mail Detective Support FAQ

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Mail Detective does not launch anymore

If Mail Detective suddenly fails to launch without further notice or if you get an error alert, saying that the app is damaged and needs to be reinstalled from the Mac App Store, then restart your Mac. Then launch the Mac App Store and sign in. If the problem still exists, move the app to the trash, then empty the trash. Launch the Mac App Store again and reinstall the app.

The app never shows the city a message was sent from.

For faster and more accurate results, you should allow the app to access a dedicated web service running on at port 80. This service is maintained by the developer of the app. Only the IP address of the email's sender that you want to trace will be submitted.

When dragging a message onto Mail Detective, Apple Mail shows an error message, saying "Error: Could not save to path ...".

When a user drags an email onto Mail Detective's window, Apple Mail creates a hidden file that Mail Detective then reads in. Apple Mail usually takes the message subject as the file's name. In rare cases, Apple Mail fails to save this file to disk because the file name is too long or contains characters that are not allowed in file names.

If this happens, choose View > Message > Raw Source from Mail's menubar. Then select the entire message source so that is highlighted, make a right-click on it and choose Services > Trace Sender In Mail Detective from the context menu.

Alternatively, choose File > Save As… from Mail's menubar and try to save the message to your Desktop (format: Raw Message Source) using a proper file name. Then drag the saved .eml file onto Mail Detective.