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1.3 (Mar 18, 2014)
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OS X 10.8 or newer

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Export Address Book

Export Calendars Pro

Export Calendars Pro is a powerful and flexible tool to export events and reminders stored in your Mac's Calendar and Reminders apps into various tabular data files like Excel, CSV or tab-delimited text, including special fields like an event's duration (great for determining billable hours, for example).

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  • Select which calendars, event fields, reminders and contacts to export and determine how to order and sort exported data.
  • Specify a custom date range or choose from presets like current week, month, year or quarter.
  • Create native Excel Workbook files (.xlsx) out of the box. Import your events and reminders hassle-free into Excel (Mac/Win), Numbers or FileMaker in one step - with leading zeros, dates and special characters (umlauts etc.) preserved.
  • Access and export Address Book fields for any participant attached to an event (participant must be listed in your Address Book).
  • Create an unlimited number of custom export templates to make repeated exports easier.

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