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1.9.3 (Apr 11, 2014)
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OS X 10.6 or newer

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Since 2006, Export Address Book is the Swiss Army Knife for exporting contacts from your local address book directly into an Excel file and other formats like CSV, tab-delimited text, XML+XSLT and customizable vCards. It supports contact properties with custom labels and comes with predefined export templates for common applications such as Outlook for Windows. You can also create your own templates.

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  • Can create native Excel files. Import your contacts hassle-free into Excel, Numbers or FileMaker - with dates, leading zeros and special chars (umlauts etc.) preserved!
  • Includes pre-defined generic and special export templates for common applications.
  • Lets you create an unlimited number of custom export templates to make repeated exports easier.
  • Can export contact properties with custom labels.
  • Gives you total control and flexibility of what data you want to export: You are able to select which contacts or groups to export, which fields from those contacts and in which order to export them.
  • Lets you export single contacts, groups, smart groups or any combination thereof.
  • Exports hidden Address Book fields like Creation date, Modification date, Unique Identifier and Group Membership (as comma-separated list).
  • Can create customized vCards (3.0 format only!). You can decide which data of a contact should be included in the vCard.
  • Supports Contact’s Distribution List feature.
  • Localized to English and German.

Demo Version

Download a free demo version to check if the app will fit your needs.


appgefahren.de: (german)
"... die App [ist] ein wirklich nützlicher Helfer, wenn man seine sorgsam gesammelten Adress-Informationen in andere Formate bringen will oder muss."

allemeineapps.de: (german)
"Adressbuch exportieren löst ein wichtiges Problem und bringt die eigenen Daten in Sicherheit."

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United Kingdom  By rhanbury · Version 1.9.2 · Apr 09, 2014
Funktioniert super   
Germany  By @inovers.de · Version 1.9.1 · Mar 26, 2014
Super easy   
Australia  By jaffakatie · Version 1.9.1 · Mar 22, 2014
Super Tool!   
Germany  By je.ja · Version 1.8.3 · Mar 14, 2014
Gute App, guute App   
Germany  By UH711 · Version 1.8.3 · Feb 25, 2014
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