Backup Contact Pictures: Bulk export and batch assign contact images in seconds.

Backup Contact Pictures

Bulk export and batch assign contact images in seconds.

Current version: 1.1 · Last update: 2018-10-30 · Requirements: macOS 10.12 ➔ 10.14

Backup Contact Pictures Support FAQ

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Backup Contact Pictures only shows a "Access denied" page

Apparently, you accidentally have denied the app to access your contacts. Click here for instructions to fix this.

The app does not launch anymore

If the app suddenly fails to launch without further notice or if you get an error alert, saying that the app is damaged and needs to be reinstalled from the Mac App Store, then restart your Mac. Then launch the Mac App Store and sign in. If the problem still exists, move the app to the trash, then empty the trash. Launch the Mac App Store again and reinstall the app.

Backup Contact Pictures crashes every single time I use it! Please help!

If you encounter a crash please try to provide a crash report:

  • In the Finder, hold down the option key (=alt) on your keyboard and choose "Library" from the "Go" menu in the menubar
  • Open the folder called "Logs"
  • If you see a folder "DiagnosticReports" please open it and search for any files related to Backup Contact Pictures. If there are any, please mail them to appsupport (ät) subclassed (döt) com.


I have a question regarding my purchase.

Please note that I’m not selling my software directly. Apple – as the seller – will provide you with any assistance regarding to your payment. However, if you have a technical question or suggestion please contact me.