Export Calendars Pro

Export data from iCal/Calendar and Reminders to Excel.


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Fills a gap in OS X
Export Calendars Pro is a versatile Mac app for exporting events and reminders from your Mac's Calendar and Reminders apps to an Excel, CSV or tab-delimited text file — something that you can't do with Apple's Calendar app. But it is more than a simple exporter because you can also export special properties like an event's duration (great for determining billable hours, for example) plus any contact property for any participant from your address book. This makes the app a perfect addition to your workflow, if you manage appointments with clients in iCloud calendar on your Mac, iPhone or iPad and want to import these events into an accounting program.
Simple yet packed with features
Select which calendars, event fields, reminders and contacts to export and determine how to order and sort exported data. Specify a custom date range or choose from presets like current week, month, year or quarter.
Perfect addition for accounting programs
Export special properties like an event’s duration and Address Book fields for any participant attached to an event.
Can create native Excel Workbook files
Import your events and reminders hassle-free into Excel (Mac/Win), Numbers or FileMaker in one step - with leading zeros, dates and special characters (umlauts etc.) preserved.
Create an unlimited number of custom export templates to make repeated exports easier. An export template remembers the property selection, sort order and export format settings.


OS X 10.8 or newer


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