Export Calendars Pro
Export Calendars Pro
For Mac

Export Apple Mac iCal/iCloud/Google calendars to Excel and CSV

1.14 (2024-03-22)
macOS 10.13 or newer

Export Apple Mac iCal/iCloud/Google calendars to Excel and CSV

Export Calendars Pro will let you easily export events and reminders from your Mac's Calendar and Reminders apps to an Excel file, CSV file, tab-delimited text file or straight to the clipboard. All calendar sources that Appleā€™s Calendar app does support are supported by the app too, including Google and Exchange calendars. But it's not just any export tool: It lets you export special fields like an event's duration, which is great for determining your billable hours. The app also works with BusyCal and Fantastical, as long as the calendars used there are also configured in Apple's Calendar app (more information).

Fills a gap in macOS

Select which calendars, event fields and reminders to export and determine how to order and sort exported data. Specify a custom date range or choose from presets like current week, month, year or quarter. Import your events and reminders hassle-free into Excel (Mac/Win), Numbers or FileMaker in one step - with leading zeros, dates and special characters (umlauts etc.) preserved.

Many users do store additional data in the Notes field of an event. Export Calendars Pro can extract various data types from the event notes and is able to export them as separate fields, e.g. Address data, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Event titles and event notes can also be split into separate segments using a customizable delimiter. Each segment can then be exported to a separate column.

The app is capable of organizing multiple export setups in templates to make repeated exports easier. An export template remembers the fields that were selected for the export, in which order they were arranged, the data sorting options, and the selected export format

This makes Export Calendars Pro the perfect addition to your workflow: Manage appointments with your clients in an iCloud calendar on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, export them with Export Calendars Pro and import them into your accounting program.


As with all of our other apps, Export Calendars Pro doesn't collect any data. All conversion takes place locally on your Mac.

Pricing & Download

Export Calendars Pro is a paid app. A trial version can be downloaded here.


macOS 10.13 or newer, Apple Silicon or Intel CPU.