Export Calendars Pro: Export Mac, Google & Exchange calendars to Excel, CSV & the clipboard for time tracking or to generate reports, invoices or timesheets.

Export Calendars Pro

Export Mac, Google & Exchange calendars to Excel, CSV & the clipboard for time tracking or to generate reports, invoices or timesheets.

Current version: 1.9 · Last update: 2019-10-11 · Requirements: macOS 10.9 ➔ 10.15

Export Calendars Pro was rated 4.7/5 based on 130 ratings worldwide (4.7/5, based on 130 ratings and reviews worldwide)

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Export Calendars Pro Reviews

Finally! Rating: 5 of 5
United States   by Raynaldo Martine – Aug 27, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Thank you for such a common sense app! It is so logical, and a huge help for my live entertainment business. I have been using this now for months (and also in the Catalina beta) with no problems at all. Thanks again!
Fantastic Rating: 5 of 5
Australia   by GYO05 – Jul 19, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Better than what it says! I was trying to find a way to extract a years worth of calendar events for a legal project to map a timeline of meetings related to a topic (including meeting description text). Selected search key-words, set the fields I needed. Exported to CSV then imported to Aeon Timeline in about 10mins on my first use of the app. Saved days and dollars. Have found my new best app.
Super Useful Rating: 5 of 5
Italy   by unDavide – Jun 30, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Still unbelievable that Apple doesn't provide these features by default – I'm really happy that ExportCalendarsPro's developer did a neat job on this :-)
Useful Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom   by Alex Lato – May 2, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Great way to pull data from a calendar.
Simply perfect utility Rating: 5 of 5
Czech Republic   by Jenik01 – Apr 15, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Not cheap but very usefull utility. I have no longer problems to prepare timesheets. I think the application has no weaknesses.
Time saver Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom   by Stephen Lowry (N Ireland) – Mar 27, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
This app really saves me a huge amount of time. No retyping of events or their related details. It took a while to set things up the way I wanted but I have regained the time back ever since. I export to a xls filee, do a quick shortcut to gather the information in a fresh column then use an automation in word to tidy up the look. Was 2 hours: now down to twenty minutes.
Great Product Rating: 5 of 5
Australia   by Steve of Perth – Mar 24, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Does a great job and has saved me hours of work - Stefan is also very helpful - I will be recomending Export Calendars pro to my colleagues
Einfach und super! Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   by ray12683 – Mar 14, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Sicher ist die Programmierung dieser App nicht so einfach wie Ihre Anwendung im Alltag! Es funktionier alles hervorragend und füllt die Lücke die der Apple-Kalender hinterlässt. Auf Wünsche und Vorchläge geht der Programmierer ein und antwortet sehr schnell! Ich absolut zufrieden. Danke und weiter so
Super Pro Rating: 5 of 5
France   by Dominique perigord – Mar 3, 2019 – Version 1.8.2
Enfin une App Pro pour la gestion du calendrier Merci
Great tool for hourwriting Rating: 4 of 5
Netherlands   by Mr.247T – Feb 25, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
I export my calenders and written hours from apple calender to an excel sheet, works great!
Best Investiment in a long time Rating: 5 of 5
United States   by Just another reviewist – Feb 5, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
This really helps me keep track of time and client billing. I invoice monthly and this saves me a lot of time. Thank you
Saved me a ton of time! Rating: 5 of 5
United States   by justsomedudeudontknow – Feb 3, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
Very happy I found this! Saved me so much time going through my calendar!
Easy, wll-arranged and powerfull calendar export utility Rating: 5 of 5
Czech Republic   by Jenik01 – Jan 17, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
this utility does not have a weakness in my opinion.
Bietet alles trotz guter Bedienbarkeit Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   by dude@itunes – Jan 11, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
Dieses Tool bietet mir für den Export von Kalenderdaten einfach alles und ist durch default templates doch leicht zu bedienen. Für mich gibt es keine Alternative und ich bin froh, dass es nach so langer Zeit trotzdem noch stetig geupdated wird
Stundenabrechnung vereinfacht Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   by alobi – Jan 10, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
Wir benutzen den Kalender um unsere Stunden mit dem Kunden abzurechnen. Das ist einfacher als alle Online-Stundenabrechnungen, die ich bisher getestet habe. Dank dieses wunderbaren Programm bekomme ich die Stunden sehr leicht in meine Rechnungen. Ist jeden Euro und jeden Stern wert.
simple and very helpful Rating: 5 of 5
Spain   by pauderiba – Jan 2, 2019 – Version 1.8.1
I like to plan and keep record of my working hours in 4 different Apple Calendars, this app is of great utility to put that data in a Numbers/Excel document.
Aus Apples "Spielzeug"-Kalender Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   by MacNik – Oct 23, 2018 – Version 1.7
wird mit diesem Programm ein gut auszuwertendes Timetracking-Tool. Apple bringt es ja nicht fertig, dass man Untermengen der Kalender des Kalender Programmms so exportieren kann, dass man diese Daten in Numbers oder Ninox oder Filemaker gut weiter verwenden kann. Dies alles schafft dieses Programm. Ich kannte ein Pendant-Programm desselben Programmierers schon für die Apple Kontakte App.
Tolle Programme !
Erleichtert die Erstellung von Zeit-Berichten.     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   By karstenschulz · Version 1.6 · Feb 11, 2018
Ich war lange auf der Suche nach einer Timetracking-Lösung, die keine fremde Cloud, aber eine Anbindung an meine Kalender hat und dabei technisch einwandfrei funktioniert. Fehlanzeige!

Mit Hilfe dieser App gelingt es mir nun, die relevanten Einträge nach Kunden und Projekte zu exportieren, indem ich mit normalen Kalendereinträgen arbeite.

Die App läuft stabil und bietet genug Flexilität, um meinen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden. Durch die Möglichkeit eigene Vorlagen zu erstellen, sind die unterschiedlichen Berichte leicht zu erzeugen. Vorteilhaft ist, dass die Dauer eines Termins beim Export auf Wunsch auf 15 Minuten oder ganze Stunden gerundet werden kann. Meine Timetracking-Lösung sieht nun so aus, dass ich einen Protokoll-Kalender führe, in diesem die Einträge mit „Kunde:“ oder „Projekt:“ beginne und nach diesen filtere. Einfach, fast nur mit Standard-Tools und durch diese App auch für die Abrechnung mit dem Kunden geeignet. Top!
Well designed     Rating: 5 of 5
United States   By julsssark · Version 1.5 · Sep 21, 2016
Great application that is a joy to use. I track my billing hours in my calendar and I was maintaining an AppleScript to total my billing hours each month. This is a significantly better solution and it includes some really nice touches like rounding up durations in 15 minute increments.

Unlike many utilities from independent developers, this one has a well thought-out design and a professional interface. It is “polished."

There is a free demo on the developer’s website that lets you try out the features before you buy.
le remplacant de Bento...     Rating: 5 of 5
France   By phdelann · Version 1.4.2 · June 24, 2016
Excellente appli, qui remplace très avantageusement Bento (l’applicatif de FileMaker arrêté en 2013, bridé pour ne plus traiter iCal à partir du 1er janvier 2016 - les joies du monde informatique…) en tant que « timesheet " : nous sert dans notre agence d’architecture pour connaitre le nombre d’heure de travail de chacun par affaire, à partir des calendrier iCal Mac, avec un simple transfert sur excel. Génial !!!
Perfect     Rating: 5 of 5
Australia   By Linton9 · Version 1.4.2 · May 27, 2016
Does exactly what it says. Stefan was also very willing to help add a specific timezone feature I was looking for, and in a very prompt manner!
Simple, effective, awesome.
Super Programm     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany   By etDodger · Version 1.4.2 · Apr 29, 2016
Der Export in eine Excel oder Numbers Tabelle funktioniert perfekt. Ursprünglich kaufte ich das Programm, weil mein Bento seit 1.1.2016 nicht mehr mit iCal kommuniziert. FileMaker konnte mir keinen Grund nennen. Da ich mir aber für Bento die Termine aus dem Kalender hole, brauche ich eine Tabellenfunktion.
Und - siehe da! Dieses Programm beherrst es perfekt.
Jetzt nutze ich es auch für meine Buchhaltung: Fahrtenbuch, Steuer, etc. Danke an den Entwickler. :-)
Saved me Hours - Works as Stated - Worth Every Penny     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By onthechesapeake · Version 1.4.1 · Jan 23, 2016
I manage multiple performance artists and we collaboratively maintain iCal calendars for bookings, daily activity, transportation/mileage, and overnight travel/expenses. It’s quick, easy and cloud-based. Year-end data dump is SIMPLE with this well-designed app. Just select the calendars you want, export the calendars and open the downloaded .ics file in the application. Select the parameters you want exported to your spreadsheet (including start/end/duration times, NOTES, etc) and export as .csv (or Excel) file. Presto! Add a column and categorize for accounting/tax prep. Done. LOVE IT AND SAVES ME HOURS. Thank you, Stefan for a great app!
Amazing solution     Rating: 5 of 5
Israel  By PixelMac · Version 1.4.1 · Nov 07, 2015
This app is so useful, I just love it.
I was able to export, backup and manage my calendars in so many ways.

A must have if you need full control over your Calendars.
Does exactly what is says it’ll do - which saved me a ton of time!     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By Old UNIX guy · Version 1.4.1 · Oct 30, 2015
About 11 years ago I started entering pretty much everything I do into iCal / Calendar on my Mac … and I didn’t think about the fact that years on down the line I’d have so much stuff in there that calling it dog slow would only be accurate if we’re talking about a 16 year old 3 legged dog with severe arthritis (kinda like the rest of OS X these days, but that’s another story). However, I didn’t want to just delete old Calendar entries, because I’ve got a lot of valuable history in there.

So, being a Unix geek, I started exploring writing a Perl script to parse all the .ics files in my ~/Library/Calendars folder and dumping the data out to a CSV file. To say that is a very complex task that would have taken me hours and hours to accomplish is also a significant understatement.

Then I came across this app … which dumps out Calendars to either CSV or Excel format. Let’s see, while some would consider this app expensive at $10, when I think about how much time I saved and how much that time is worth, this is one of the best bargains around! Highly recommended.
excellent app     Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom  By llebydna · Version 1.4.1 · Sep 07, 2015
If you want to export your OSX Calendar to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file for any reason then this is the app to use. It flawlessly produced a well formatted and human readable spreadsheet in moments. Comprehensive formatting and sorting options and a useful event duration display too. Highly recommended.
Powerful, simple, elegant, and still a steal :-)     Rating: 5 of 5
Netherlands  By Peter Villevoye · Version 1.3.3 · May 01, 2015
So I started looking for some simple tool or method to convert my calendar exports to Excel. Lots of pages with dead wrong suggestions ("just change extension to .txt or .csv" or "connect to Google and download it from there" – yeah sure). But I found at least one reference to this nice app, and it's even avaliable in the trusted App Store ! Double Fun !! So instead of tediously tweaking text files, I'm already creating yearly stats about my billable days and hours...
Thanks, and keep up the good work !
Super leistungsfähiges Tool zur Auswertung des Standard-Kalenders     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany  By CR-Consulting · Version 1.3.3 · Apr 27, 2015
Dieses Programm ersetzt optimal Apps für Mac, iPhone, iPAD zur Erfassung und Auswertung von Arbeitszeiten! Der OS-X/iOS Standardkalender kann genutzt werden, der sich via iCloud- , Exchange-Synchronisation usw. abgleichen lässt. Damit muss nicht ein weiterer Cloud-Dienst zum Abgelich einer Arbeitszeiten-App genutzt werden. Das Ablegen von persönlichen Daten in Cloud-Diensten sollte man minimieren! Leistungsumfang und Bedienung super - sehr zu empfehlen!
Superb!     Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom  By mac-monkey · Version 1.3.3 · Apr 11, 2015
I’ll keep it short - this is the application I’ve been searhing for.

I’ve been looking for an application that will take my Apple Calendar events data (as a freelance finished artist I use Calendar to log all of my project time) and allow me to calculate each events’ time so that I can extract that information from the created spreadsheet and submit the billable time. This application does that beautifully. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s superb.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending this application, in fact I have already recommended it to colleagues and co-workers.
You saved me so much time     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By Matthijn Dijkstra · Version 1.3.3 · Mar 12, 2015
Even though it was ten bucks. You saved me hours of work which I now did in a matter of minutes.
Fast Perfekt!     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany  By Manni_Blanz · Version 1.3.2 · Jan 31, 2015
Eine tolle App, die das ausgleicht, was iCal einfach nicht kann. Wenn jetzt noch Datum und Start-/ Endzeit getrennt ausgegeben werden könnten, wäre das nochmal ein Extrapluspunkt. Aber auch so schon einwandfrei zu empfehlen!!
More than great     Rating: 5 of 5
Netherlands  By 740 · Version 1.3.2 · Dec 09, 2014
This is really the best app since long time. What a relief!!! Instant access to your time spent. Simply make a calendar and see in this app what data you would like to export to excel for further treatment. Since it is in iCal, it always is in sync with other idevices and backed up in the cloud. Great work Stefan!!! So glad you made this. No other app comes even close.
Best Investiment in a long time     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By Just another reviewist · Version 1.3.2 · Nov 30, 2014
For those that use Calendar for tracking their time and then billing for that time, stop looking and get this App. It used to take hours, and typically on a week end, to search, copy, paste, change the format, then to excel….Now: select, export, summarize. BAM - it’s done. Thank you Stefan for a great app.
Stabil und zuverlässig     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany  By Michael Kistenmacher · Version 1.3.2 · Oct 20, 2014
Flexibel genug, macht genau, was ich brauche, um meine Termine in mein Rechnungsprogramm zu bekommen, läuft auch unter Yosemite...
Top App!     Rating: 5 of 5
Germany  By xxx-ooo-xxx · Version 1.3.2 · Sep 22, 2014
Genau, was ich brauche, um iCloud-Termine auszuwerten und abzurechnen. App funktioniert sehr gut, auch unter OS X 10.10. (10.8 auch getestet - ohne Probleme!). Schneller, hilfreicher Support - fünf Sterne deluxe!
A great application and great customer support!     Rating: 5 of 5
Canada  By skippingrock · Version 1.3.2 · Jul 10, 2014
I’ve been looking for an application like this for a long time and I finally found this one.
Finally, I can export and archive, in a usable form, those calendars I’ve had hanging around since the iCal days, but no longer want on all my devices.

There was one issue, in which it could only show four years worth of data at a time, but a simple email to Stefan the developer and within three days he worked on a solution to an Apple imitation and submitted this version to the Apple Mac App Store. Now I can recommend this software without a doubt to anyone who needs to export their calendars to a spreadsheet for archiving or for invoicing or any other time tracking.

Get it if this is something you’ve been looking for. You won’t be disappointed!
Thanks again Stefan.
Lifesaver if you need to export events     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By arfymoo · Version 1.3 · Apr 22, 2014
Since becoming a contractor with multiple clients, I have had to track my hrs. Im sure there are tons of time tracking apps, etc. But I choose to put everything in Mac Calendar and encode the client info in the subject. This app works flawlessly for extracting the events so I can build a timesheet. I wish it had a cli but the gui is pretty good. The range of fields it can export is huge.
Fantastic!     Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom  By Prometheus Bob · Version 1.3 · Apr 14, 2014
So simple, so functional……….Genius!
Perfect for mileage reporting     Rating: 5 of 5
United Kingdom  By Simon, Oxford · Version 1.3 · Apr 09, 2014
Each year I have to export my calendar data to Excel to submit an annual mileage report. This year has been the easiest due to this little app. Thank you. You have saved hours of work.

Worked flawlessly first time exporting a selection of my iCloud calendars to excel.
Tres bonne Appli     Rating: 5 of 5
France  By pascal 33990 · Version 1.2.1 · Mar 15, 2014
Excellente appli pour exploiter les données du calendrier Apple avec la possibilité d’exporter vers Number ou excel - Génial
Export Calendars Pro review     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By LeeB115 · Version 1.2 · Feb 21, 2014
This is a Great App! It does exactly what I needed it to do, easily, quickly and efficiently. I have encountered no problems or issues so far. My thanks to the writers and developers of this program. Great job!
Lee B.
The Quickest and Best Way I’ve Found to Convert .ics Files     Rating: 5 of 5
United States  By LifeInLoFi · Version 1.1 · Dec 09, 2013
This is the easiest and best way I’ve found to convert Apple Calendar and iCal .ics files to native Excel and .csv files for import into other apps. I tried all of the other methods that you’ve probably already Googled. Export Calendars Pro is fast and easy. The data in the spreadsheets it outputs is clean and well-organized. Well worth the $5 I paid. My only regret is not finding this app 4 hours ago.

Kitűnő     Rating: 5 of 5
Hungary  By Gruber Kristóf · Version 1.1 · Nov 06, 2013
Azt tudja, amit ígér, és azt korrektül. Gyors, egyszerű.