Importer for Contacts: Converts Excel and CSV files to Mac contacts and vCards

Importer for Contacts

Converts Excel and CSV files to Mac contacts and vCards

Current version: 1.1 · Last update: 2017-04-11 · Requirements: macOS 10.12

Importer for Contacts was rated 4.5/5 based on 5 ratings worldwide (4.5/5, based on approx. 6 ratings and reviews worldwide)

Importing Mac contacts refined. More options, imports Excel files, too.

Importer for Contacts picks up where Apple Contacts left off: The app imports Excel files, CSV files and tab-delimited files into Apple's Contacts app with more options. As a bonus, it can also create vCard files for the converted contacts rather than importing them. Compared with Contacts, Importer for Contacts provides these advantages:

  • Imports Excel files (.xlsx), including embedded pictures
  • Accepts CSV files that Apple’s Contacts app refuses to open
  • Automatically remembers custom field mappings for future imports.
  • Lets you assign (and create) custom labels
  • Can perform automatic group assignment. Groups that do not already exist will be created.
  • Supports line breaks in CSV and tab-delimited text file fields (street addresses, notes, etc.) if the file is properly formatted
  • Fields not supported by Contacts can be added to the "Note" field
  • Comes with an interactive preview to make it easier to determine the character encoding of the import file – helpful if you don't know which encoding was used or if you have no idea what a character encoding is.

Importer for Contacts never does overwrite or even delete existing contacts. Instead, old duplicates will be added to a group in Contacts, making it easy for you to remove them manually if the import worked right.

The app offers a flexible pricing model for both one-time and recurring usage (one-time fees—NO auto-renewable subscriptions). Unless unlocked with an In-App Purchase, Importer for Contacts allows the import of 10 records per file to give you a chance to check if the app does fit your needs. Choose one of the available In-App Purchases to remove this limitation.

Importer for Contacts is available as a free download in the Mac App Store.


macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer

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