Importer for Contacts
Importer for Contacts
For Mac

Convert Excel and CSV files to vCards with much more options than Apple Contacts does offer.

1.7.4 (2024-04-19)
macOS 10.12 or newer

(4/5 stars)

Germany   by Evuub – May 19, 2024 – Version 1.7.4
Super TOOL
Einfach und gut
Germany   by mvleeuwen – Apr 27, 2024 – Version 1.7.4
Macht was es soll, sehr intuitiv zu bedienen. Preis ist OK, könnte einen Tick günstiger sein. Aber der Programmierer muss auch SPAß haben, dann funktioniert es auch.
It does exactly what it says it will.
Australia   by Kev, Syd, Aus – Mar 18, 2024 – Version 1.7.3
This saved us hours. Very grateful to the developers to create a product that does what it promises - and in a way that is easy even for non-tech folks.
Perfektes kleines Helferchen
Germany   by Werbrauchtschon – Feb 20, 2024 – Version 1.7.3
Spart viel Zeit, ist flexibel genug, herzlichsten Dank an den Entwickler.
Germany   by Roger7512 – Jan 10, 2024 – Version 1.7.2
Alles was man für Kontaktkonvertierung benötigt...
Estonia   by DK1133 – Dec 12, 2023 – Version 1.7.2
Finally a converter that just works.
Endelig en proff app
Norway   by Nicolay Leganger – Oct 24, 2023 – Version 1.7.2
Etter å ha testet diverse tulle apper på nett og ellers fant jeg en som er proff og skjønner en exel fil og oversetter til vcf, slik at jeg kan importere til kontakter på mac. Grundig tenkt av utvikler.
Nearly perfect ...
Switzerland   by vonBeinwil – Sep 6, 2023 – Version 1.7.2
Very usuable this Importer. Nearly perfect, but want to ask for a "Custom Label’ within column “Contact Field”.
Belgium   by MatthiasL87 – Aug 28, 2023 – Version 1.7.2
Doet wat het moet doen. Zeer makkelijk, zeer intuïtief. Veel tijd mee uitgespaard!
Works great
United States   by qleo – Aug 3, 2023 – Version 1.7.2
Simple, flexible, works.
Germany   by axxcim – Jun 19, 2023 – Version 1.7.1
Über diese App bin ich super dankbar, weil sie mir das Einpflegen von Namen, Adressen, Telefonnummern wahnsinnig erleichtert. Herzlichen Dank!!
Accurate. Fast. Easy. Impressive.
United States   by RH021 – Apr 18, 2023 – Version 1.7
Saved me a lot of time importing directly from Excel and mapping the field, with no errors. Totally seamless.
Checks do not have error messages
Czech Republic   by Bigmonda – Feb 19, 2023 – Version 1.7
Import really work. Aproximatelly 5 to 10 attemps are free. I had to buy it. It is good to support developers. Excel does not work with " " international format of phone, before import is necessary to find&replace ";420" (in case of the Czech Republic) to "; 420" in .csv file. In case of some data problem less of contacts is imported and you do not know, what was happen. Check last imported contact from list 1 (first not imported contact).
vallah sehr gut
Germany   by Fhcghjc – Feb 15, 2023 – Version 1.7
vallah billah brutal
Act Pro Export to Mac Contacts
United States   by kayekken – Feb 11, 2023 – Version 1.7
Powerful product and superbly intuitive!
Perfect for my needs
United Kingdom   by TheOldP – Jan 20, 2023 – Version 1.7
My husband has always had a well kept set of contacts, 4000 of them and I've been forced to use Outlook for Mac in order to use them. When I upgraded my mac to Catalina my outlook wouldn't work with it. This program has brilliantly allowed me to import all to Mac contacts and they were all catogorised too. Wow I'm pleased
What a life-saver
United States   by Libuff – Nov 18, 2022 – Version 1.7
I've used this app for quite some time. Makes this very simple conversion an ease, and works consistently every time. Thankful that it exists.
Problemlos und das Geld wert
Germany   by The Good Prince – Jul 3, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
Installiert, gleich durch Kauf freigeschaltet, felder angepasst und gruppen vCard erstellt. Die GUI ist sehr intuitiv. Super App!
Nice piece of software
Italy   by spaziobds – Jun 29, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
Had some 800 contacts to clean up, went smoothly; need importer for contact pictures if used
Worth it
Austria   by Apple5461 – Jun 22, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
I tried it. It worked. And then I purchased it. When you try to do it with Apple programmes you will loose masses of time and still not succeed. This worked right away. Worth the 11 USD. Very good.
Perfect results
Sweden   by EasyTripper – Feb 24, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
This app really provides all the functionality you need to get contacts from PC or any other source, with the correct formattin into your Mac Contacts app. Perfect!
import from excel to contacts
United States   by deeswork – Feb 22, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
easily imported all my client info into contacts so i didnthave to type them in good buy
Love it! What a Relief!
Mexico   by Edus4800 – Feb 19, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
Total value for the money!!! Hay opciones 5 veces mas costosas que esta, pero esta es practica, inteligente y funcional, simplemente me encanta!
Great great product; well worth the money
United States   by taken usernames – Jan 22, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
I have looked for a good, reliable contacts importer and I believe this is the one. It can handle conversions very well with minimal configuration or hassle. VERY easy to use.
Import CSV
Germany   by Alex Pippert – Jan 12, 2022 – Version 1.6.1
Klappt Mega Einfach!
Meine Rettung
Germany   by Mütze – Nov 2, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Ich hatte auf mehreren Mac auf BigSur gewechselt und dann viele Doppelte Einträge und doppelte Gruppen in der Cloud. Beim zurücksichern aus TimeMachine wurde immer der Stand von iCloud als Master genutzt und hat mein lokales Kontakebuch überschrieben. EIn zurücksichern der *.ABBU Datei hat auch nicht funktioniert, die Gruppen waren dann auf iCloud leer. Dank dieser App geht es nun. Habe 3000 Kontakte und über 100 Gruppen in meinen Adressbuch. Danke, sehr!
Funktioniert tadellos!
Germany   by JuliusCaesar83 – Oct 14, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Einfach, schnell und unkompliziert. Vielen Dank für diese sinnvolle Applikation.
France   by thhjhvg – Oct 8, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Life saver
Australia   by Ripple – Oct 6, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Many thanks - works a treat. This app needs to be promoted. Easy to use, just upload an .xl file could not be simpler.
Expensive but works well
Australia   by Tim O'Loan – Oct 5, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
The cost is high, alhtough is able to convert infomration faithfully.
Great App
Costa Rica   by TeriCR – Aug 13, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Works perfectly for creating vcards from xlsx.
Очень просто и понятно
Russia   by CACiska – Jul 30, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Простое понятное приложение и за адекватные деньги!
JUST what I needed
United States   by Tecsi – Jun 21, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Been looking for a way to easily get .csv files into Apple Contacts.
This works perffectly and has a lot of flexibility
Thank you
United States   by PaulusCoppockus – Jun 1, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
I couldn't, for the life of me, convert my Excel file to a CSV or tab delimited file for import into the MacBook Pro Contacts app. It gave me an error message every time. With this app, I was able to convert the Excel file to vCard and then import without any problem. Thank goodness!
great UI
United States   by 11:11:11 – May 4, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
love it
Excellent! Très facile à utiliser!
Canada   by Stevidoo – Apr 23, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Le 'Mapping' est facile à faire et la conversion vers vCard très simple et rapide! Je le recommande!
With Exporter, a great pair
United States   by Fredsig – Apr 9, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
I used Exporter for Contacts, then Importer for Contacts, to clean up our database of 11,000 contacts. Worked perfectly.
Germany   by Bennomu – Apr 7, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Man kann sich stundenlang mit dem eingebauten csv-Import der Apple Kontakte App auf dem Mac rumärgern ohne zu einem befriedigenden Ergebnis zu kommen, oder dieses Tool verwenden. Der Import meiner bei Microsoft gespeicherten Kontakte war in wenigen Minuten vollkommen fehlerfrei und verlustfrei erledigt. Wirklich verblüffend einfach. Der Kaufpreis für ein Tool, das man in der Regel nur einmal braucht, lässt einen erst zurückzucken, aber das Tool ist jeden Euro wert.
Spain   by Ohne_Nickname – Mar 26, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Ha hecho justo lo que necesitaba: convertir un archivo .csv a .vcf (vCard) para poder importar todos mis contactos de Outlook a iCloud. Rápido, fácil y a un precio razonable, si tenemos en cuenta la importancia del asunto en cuestión.
Ne vale la pena!
Italy   by victoria2029 – Mar 17, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Soldi davvero ben spesi. Mi permette di lavorare con import/export di contatti da diversi database, CRM, software e app. Prima dovevo passare ore a sistemare i vari CSV o formati dei file e c'era sempre qualche problema di compatibilità. Con questa app è tutto davvero semplicissimo. Davvero consigliatissima
Smoothe and Fast
United States   by Harehound – Feb 15, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Very impressive application that instantaneously imported numerous addresses from Excel to Contacts on my iMac. Cheap at $8.99!
great piece of software
United States   by Adxxt – Jan 25, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
I couldn't believe importing contacts from Outlook was going to remove all my notes. This software preserves all my info into apple contacts.
Super App
Germany   by MartinsApple – Jan 15, 2021 – Version 1.6.1
Super App, um Excel-basierte Kontaktlisten in die Kontakte zu übernehmen. Ideal auch in Kombination mit der App "Exporter for Contacts". Damit kann man seinen Kontaktebestand zunächst mal in Excel-Tabellen laden und global überarbeiten und anschließend mit der App "Importer for contacts" wieder den Apple-Kontakten zuführen.
Mettre le logiciel en français
France   by glnm – Jan 5, 2021 – Version 1.6
Pour le prix le logiciel pourrait etre en plusieurs langues dont le Français
Product Manager Chile
Chile   by Shego;123 – Nov 25, 2020 – Version 1.6
Logre pasar una base de datos que contenian correos electronicos de excel a Vcard desde Mac, bastante util y el free trial te permite probar 30 traspasos antes de solicitar un pago
Did the job
United States   by DocZazz – Nov 15, 2020 – Version 1.6
The app worked very well for importing my CSV contacts from outlook to icloud. The only thing to notice is that you have to purchase the app to move more than 10 files. The demo mode is free but very limited.
Arbeitserleichterung vom Feinsten
Germany   by FriWi9090 – Nov 4, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
danke für diese App. Als Vorstand in einem Verein bekomme ich viele Adresslisten, Teamlisten, Kontaktlisten. Ich bekomme Listen, die ich einfach in die App importieren kann, werde sauber nach der richtigen Schreibweise von "ÄÜÖß" gefragt und kann sauber in eine vordefinierte Gruppe in den Kontakten importieren. Bereits vorhanden Kontakte werden erkannt, nicht nochmal importiert, sondern der vorhandene Kontakt dieser Gruppe hinzugefügt. Weit umfänglich an den Nutzer gedacht und gut umgesetzt. Dank!!
Unable to grant permissions for contacts
United States   by Bratmm – Sep 27, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
App is showing me, "Apparently, you accidentally have denied.. ... access to Contacts" but in my privacy settings I don`t see an icon of this app to allow it. Thanks for help.
Mck from Spain
Spain   by MFA SPAIN – Sep 18, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Easy to dowload Easy to use for all users (including those without any or low computer and technology knowledge It is a great tool to convert the excel spreadsheet contact to Iphone. 100% Recommended
Change vCard Name Order
United States   by – Sep 10, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Please allow us to change the vCard name to [last name] [first name]
love this!
Canada   by ShayDrink – Jul 24, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
10/10 and easy to use
Vcf 2.1
France   by M_Yves – Mar 19, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Excellent, but : The vcf in version 3 produced by "Importer for Contacts" does not work well in some webmail which only support vcf files in version 2.1: the email address does not appear in the address book. Only the surname and first name are imported. Can you modify "Import for Contacts" so that the application generates, in addition to vcf version 3 files, vcf version 2.1 files? Thank you.
Worked as expected
France   by SolarEnergyEngineer – Mar 18, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Great job !
Great program
Canada   by CaptainCourage – Mar 2, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
It does what it says it should do. Imports contacts easily! Thank you!
Good Stuff
United States   by WeezAir – Feb 17, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Work as promised
Super Helfull to import contacts
Spain   by Ana Belen Fernandez Iniesto – Feb 6, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Quickly and easy
United States   by jc from – Feb 5, 2020 – Version 1.5.1
Good to convert excel to vcard
Die Suche war lang….
Austria   by Didi@4711 – Dec 13, 2019 – Version 1.5
Habe im Lauf der Jahre immer wieder einmal nach einem passenden Konverter von CSV nach vCard gesucht, bezahlt und ausprobiert… Alle Apps waren bisher nicht schlecht, aber ich brauchte was Schnelles und reibungsloses für den Import ins Outlook 2019: Die CSV laden - eventuelle Bezeichnungskorrekturen vornehmen und GO! Die entstandene vCard-Datei in ein Verzeichnis der Outlook-Kontakte (Hight Sierra / Office 365) ziehen -FERTIG! Genial einfach - Einfach genial! Für meine Zwecke Optimal und man hat die Möglichkeit, VORHER zu testen (mit 10 Einträgen) und nicht kaufen und dann wieder Rückbuchung. Meine Kaufempfehlung!!!!
United States   by Tshabana – Dec 9, 2019 – Version 1.5
Fast and efficient with lots customaization options. Recommended for hassle free imports into contacts
Excellent app, worth it to convert Contact Files!
United States   by A_Conley – Dec 8, 2019 – Version 1.5
I made the mistake of not making my iCloud account the 'default' place to store contacts so for years I was storing contact with other internet account. It was beginning to get frustrating and I wanted all my contacts in one place, preferably my iCloud account! This fixed me right up!!!
United States   by lepton3700 – Dec 2, 2019 – Version 1.5
easy reliable priced to sell
Worked Perfectly!
United States   by Aaron Greenberg – Nov 1, 2019 – Version 1.5
Easy to use, and worked without a pickup
Germany   by MacLeoBerlin – Oct 28, 2019 – Version 1.5
Für meine Zwecke perfekt. Danke
Incredibly well designed and flexible.
United States   by – Oct 24, 2019 – Version 1.5
I regularly need to move data from a variety of Windows programs to the Mac's contact application. I'll export from their program, clean up the data a bit (usually in FileMaker) and then send it to an Excel file. Once I drop the Excel file onto Importer for Contacts, getting properly formatted vcards with tagged addresses, phone numbers, etc is effortless! Thank you for making such a wonderful tool!
Fast and easy
United States   by Smoove.Jr. – Oct 22, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
I looked all over the internet and the app store for something like this. Brilliant and well worth the in app purchase.
That was easy
United States   by williamjmackey – Sep 30, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
Nice work. I have been trying to import a Numbers or CVS file into Contacts OS Mojave for a few hours now, in my humble opinion, it is unbelievably stupid Apple does not have an option for this. Luckly this app does. Thank you!
Extrem praktisch
Germany   by bofax – Sep 7, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
Ich habe wiederkehrend Excel-Tabellen als Kontakte zu importieren. Dieses Tool erleichtert mir hier die Arbeit extrem. Die Zuordnungen der Excel-Felder zu den entsprechenden Kontakt-Feldern merkt es sich nämlich. Vielen Dank hierfür!
Poland   by Piermontis – Sep 5, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
doskonały program do konwertowania danych z exel do vCard - polecam
easy £9 worth it
United Kingdom   by Justa799 – Sep 4, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
after hours of angst trying to convert files to get my excel databases into contacts, for £9 this done the trick, couple of goes free to get the jist of it. £9 well spent.
I works!
Australia   by Vernoh – Sep 2, 2019 – Version 1.4.3
I have puchased a lot of software to fix up my contacts . i have spent all day doing this and eventially I whent to macuodate and there you were. I tried and it worked, so now I have puchased and you are mine
Awesome time saver
Canada   by charlie_f – May 8, 2019 – Version 1.4.2
This app is simple and super easy to use. The features are excellent to integrate use list of contacts from excell or csv.
Works as advertised
United States   by IssacDickinson – May 2, 2019 – Version 1.4.2
Works very well and app was done well! Worked on my first try.
I exported FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 contacts to Excel file and converted directly through the "Importer for Contacts" app. Instantly synced though iCloid on my iPhone!
I deducted one star for no lifetime liscence, you only have the choice of 2 years or 4 years. I opted for 4 years.
super einfach
Germany   by Tomaixnice – Apr 19, 2019 – Version 1.4.2
Convert Excel to vcard
United States   by Leboco 23 – Apr 10, 2019 – Version 1.4.2
Spent hours trying to find a way to import a CSV file into contacts but I was not able to map the data correctly no matter what I did with it. Bought this app and was able to convert the file to vcf in a minute. Love it! Thank you
It's a NO NO NO
United States   by Stephan Lepage – Mar 3, 2019 – Version 1.4.1
Crash all the time - I want my moeny back
Simple et efficace
France   by Yves-624 – Mar 2, 2019 – Version 1.4.1
Fait vraiment bien le job pour des fiches contacts à partir d'une liste excel
Easy and Good
Switzerland   by Support BBM – Dec 29, 2018 – Version 1.4
Sensationelles Tool für das Importieren von Adressdaten auf Excelbasis um es nachher bei Kontakten zu Nutzen. Importe laufen stehts fehlerfrei. Great!!!
Easy to use.
Turkey   by Mehmet Taylan – Dec 20, 2018 – Version 1.4
Excellent program with very easy steps. Especially for mass contacts or groups.
Fantastic time saver
United States   by Grayblob123 – Nov 30, 2018 – Version 1.4
This app solved a big issue for me with contact management. I imported 100's of contacts from a CSV file in a few minutes. Custom mappings work well.
fonctionne bien
France   by krislenouy – Oct 30, 2018 – Version 1.4
ca joue. dommage que l'achat soit pour une durée limitée
Macht genau was es soll...
Switzerland   by Creatyves – Oct 11, 2018 – Version 1.4
...und nimmt uns so, in Kombination mit dem CSV-Export unseres Website-Kontaktformulars, eine grosse Menge an Arbeit ab. Danke!
Does what is says on the tin
United Kingdom   by luigiuk – Jul 12, 2018 – Version 1.3.2
This app does exactly what it claims to do and is pretty easy to use. It allows you to test the application at no cost with a limit of 10 contacts per import. Once I’d established that the app worked well I was very happy to pay the reasonable amount for the unlimited license. This app converted Excel (.csv) to vCard (.vcf) and then allowed me to import to iCloud without any issues. Good app, good job, thank you
Most in-depth / easiest to use contact app out there
United States   by Slam025 – May 1, 2018 – Version 1.3.1
A few months ago my boss lost all of her contacts on her phone. I was tasked with with finding a way to take all of her contacts from a software she uses, and then import them into her contacts with almost every field filled. I tried so many different apps and none of them would import ALL the info she had on these contacts. I tried this one and it was doing much better than the rest, but still wasn’t exactly what I needed. I emailed the developer, and it turned out they had been working on a beta that did EXACTLY what I needed. They ended up emailing me that software and minus a few bugs (it was still a beta), it did everything! The beta that I used I believe is a past version now, but it saved me from entering in about 15 fields for each contact with about 6,500 contacts on a phone. This app will do EVERYTHING you need.
easy und schnell
Germany   by Harleythomme – Mar 12, 2018 – Version 1.3
diese App macht auf Anhieb genau das was sie soll - ohne wenn und aber - enorme Zeitersparniss gerade wenn man von Windows Outlook Kontakte in MacOs Kontakte kopieren will - zudem ist es ohne Probleme Möglich eine grosse Anzahl (>3000 bei mir) auf Lokal oder ICloud zu kopieren / spiegeln…… 5 Sterne plus einen erhobenen Daumen - Harleyluja
The only contact conversion app you need
United States   by Neo442 – Jan 24, 2018 – Version 1.2.1
Got this to convert excel sheets to vcf groups. Worked like a charm! Once you import the first sheet and rearrange the categories, it remembers what you used, so if the spreadsheets are all the same, you click a few buttons, and all your groups are done! Well worth the few dollars spent!
Cette app est un "must-have" !
France   by Laurent32400 – Nov 14, 2017 – Version 1.2
Rien à dire Stefan Keller est un PRO réactif ! Même commentaire pour son autre app Exporter for Contacts !!
All good !!!
A decent piece of software well worth the money
United Kingdom   by ǝpısdıʍɟ – Sep 5, 2017 – Version 1.2
I have 600 contacts in an outlook 2010 pst and simply exported to csv, dragged into this application, then reset all the fields to what I want them to be and ignore the fields I don’t want.
It did this perfectly and exported into contacts. Try doing the same by importing the csv into contacts and it simply doesn’t work. I am very thankful this app exists.
Für einen großen Kontakteimport mehr als Sinnvoll
Germany   by DJ MiXiM – Jul 13, 2017 – Version 1.2
Wer z.B. wie Ich, schnell mal eben die Kundendatenbank des Webshops, auf dem Mac bringen will ist mit diesem Tool sehr gut beraten. Auch kann ich mir gut Vorstellen, durch den Card-Export, dass ebenso ein sinnvolles Backup vonstatten geht. Hut ab, sehr gute Arbeit. Gruß Kay
Great app
United States   by Vfadfgt – Apr 12, 2017 – Version 1.1
Excellent! The app worked smoothly with a csv file that had line breaks which would not work with the native Contacts importer. The mapping interface supported me in a clean transition from Outlook to Contacts on Sierra. Thanks.
Fantastic Time and Trouble Saver
Canada   by Pippo le pro – Mar 23, 2017 – Version 1.0.1
This application works delightfully! It is well designed and saves a ton of time compared to figuring out how to import manually contacts from Excel, text files or Numbers. Believe me, because I have gone the manual route before... If your time is worth anything, this will save you lots of time, and much, much hassle. By the way, the 4-year rate to go over the 10-record limitation is very affordable, in my opinion. Many thanks to the developer!
Facile à utiliser et efficace
France   by Kregdu13 – Mar 19, 2017 – Version 1.0
Je modifie mon évaluation precedente car le developpeur (stefan) m’avait bien repondu mais son courrier etait passé dans les spams… Il y a donc bien un suivi de la part du développeur ! J’ai eu un petit souci de configuration, j’ai envoyé un message au developpeur, Stefan, il m’a repondu tres rapidement et expliqué comment régler ce problème. Merci à lui. Donc finalement c’est une bonne appli, tres pratique pour créer des adresses dans Contact et faire des mailings. Dommage que l’app ne soit qu’en anglais.