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Exporter for Contacts 2
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The premier Mac app to export your Address Book contacts to CSV, Excel and Outlook.

2.4 (2024-05-03)
macOS 12 Monterey or newer


Exporter for Contacts supports various common standard formats, but can also very flexibly generate CSV or Excel files for many use cases.

Flexible Contact Field Selection
The Simple Field Chooser allows quick exports. The fields to be exported can be easily specified via checkboxes. For fields that can have multiple values (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) you can specify whether they should be exported in detail by label or summarized as a list. The order of the fields (and thus of the columns in the export file) is determined by the program.
The Custom Export Layout Editor goes into detail. Here you can specify more precisely which fields should be exported, because you can restrict the export of multivalue fields to a specific label. For example, you can specify that column 3 should only contain email addresses with the label "work". The super-handy index labels "1st", "2nd", etc. can be used when the actual label is not important and you want to export for example the first two email addresses of a contact.
Can export as an Excel file
A fiddly and error-prone CSV import is not necessary if you want to import your contacts into Excel, FileMaker or Numbers. Typical CSV import problems like lost leading zeros and crippled umlauts do not even occur, dates are exported as true dates, that don't need to be interpreted and converted from a string.
Export Setups
Export setups remember all settings - contact selection, fields to export and format options. They are super handy for recurring exports. A simple export with a few fields is always quickly clicked together, but more elaborate special exports you don't want to create from scratch every time.
Additional useful contact fields
In addition to all native contact fields, the app can export other special fields, such as full name, full postal address, group membership, street + house number as separate fields and contact type.
Automatic phone number formatting
When exporting phone numbers, you can optionally export them in a uniform format. No matter how the number is stored in Apple Contacts, the app will convert it to a uniform format according to the format rules of the respective region. Supported formats are National/International, Always National, Always International and E.164.

More useful functions

  • Exporter for Contacts also handles contact fields with self-defined labels.
  • You can specify which contacts and which fields should be included in the export and define the order of the fields.
  • Export individual contacts, entire groups, entire accounts, or a mix of everything.
  • Built-in support for XML transformation via XSL 1.0 templates allows advanced users to generate formats for special use cases.
  • Exporter for Contacts can create customized vCards. You can specify what information should be included in the vCards.