Export Address Book: Export your Address Book to CSV, Excel + other formats with the most comprehensive Mac app of its kind

Exporter for Contacts

Export your Address Book to CSV, Excel + other formats with the most comprehensive Mac app of its kind

Current version: 1.10.1 · Last update: 2017-08-19 · Requirements: macOS 10.7 ➔ 10.13

Exporter for Contacts was rated 4.5/5 based on 306 ratings worldwide (4.5/5, based on approx. 306 ratings and reviews worldwide)

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Export address books to CSV, Excel, and other formats on Mac

Simple yet packed with features

Exporter for Contacts (was "Export Address Book") is a popular and time-tested Mac app to export Mac contacts to CSV, Excel, and various other formats, capable of organizing export setups into templates to make repeated exports a lot easier. The app lets you export selected contacts, groups and whole address books. It's very easy to use but highly flexible and configurable and works well with all operating system versions from Mac OS X 10.7 to macOS 10.13 High Sierra. The long list of supported export formats includes:

  • Excel Workbook
  • CSV and tab-delimited text
  • Outlook for Windows (2003 and 2010 formats)
  • Google Gmail Contacts CSV
  • Fritz!Box/Fritz!OS Adressbuch
  • Customizable vCards
  • XML with optional XSL 1.0 Transformation
  • HTML-Table

If you are looking for a way to import Excel files into Contacts, to convert Excel and CSV files to vCards, or if you are struggling with Contacts’ picky import function, take a look at Importer for Contacts.

Can create native Excel files

Don't fiddle around with clumsy CSV files anymore. Import your contacts hassle-free into Excel, Numbers or FileMaker - with dates, leading zeros and special chars preserved!

Ships with pre-defined export templates

Includes export templates for many applications and tasks like Outlook for Windows, Gmail, Mailing List…

Create your own export templates

Lets you create an unlimited number of custom export templates to make repeated exports easier.

It's not a web app

Exporter for Contacts runs locally on your Mac. It's not a web app. Why does that matter? Because with a local app, you can be assured your data is kept private and secure. Your contacts doesn't need to be transmitted to a website before it can be converted into a data file. There's no chance for your contact data to be intercepted or used for any purposes you don't intend.

Access hidden contact properties

Exports hidden Address Book fields like Creation date, Modification date, Unique Identifier and Group Membership.

Create customized vCards

You can decide which data of a contact should be included in an exported vCard.

Supports many versions of macOS

The app works fine with OS X 10.7 and any newer version of OS X, including macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Respects your privacy

In contrast to other apps, Exporter for Contacts does not phone home nor does it send usage stats to obscure online trackers.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio

For a few dollars you'll get a sophisticated program in which countless hours of work have been invested and that is used by thousands of satisfied users.


OS X 10.7 or newer, 64 bit processor

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