Export Address Book: A popular Mac app to export your Address Book contacts to CSV, Excel and other formats.

Exporter for Contacts

A popular Mac app to export your Address Book contacts to CSV, Excel and other formats.

Current version: 1.13.1 · Last update: 2020-12-01 · Requirements: macOS 10.9 ➔ 11.0

Exporter for Contacts was rated 4.7/5 based on 642 ratings worldwide (4.7/5, based on 642 ratings and reviews worldwide)

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Exporter for Contacts Support

Understanding how Apple Contacts does structure and organize data is the key to work efficiently with Exporter for Contacts. Read this article to get a deeper insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Exporter for Contacts to export my contacts to an Excel file for bulk editing, then import this file again without data loss?

Now, with the availability of its counterpart “Importer for Contacts”, you can! Importer for Contacts was developed to overcome all the limitations of the import function available in Apple Contacts. Importer for Contacts can read Excel files, supports custom labels, automatic group assignment, and more.

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Exporter for Contacts shows only a warning message and does not "see" any contacts!

Apparently, you accidentally have denied Exporter for Contacts to access your contacts. Click here for instructions to fix this.

How do I get the different email addresses into one column?

Beginning with version 1.10, all of a contact's email addresses, phone numbers and several other multi-value properties can now be exported as a list into a single field (tagged with labels, if desired). Just choose “List (with labels)” or “List (without labels)” from the row's label menu.


In the exported file, all phone numbers are appearing without their respective country codes!

By default, the app formats phone numbers automatically. You can set the phone number format in the app's preferences. You can also disable automatic number formatting, if you don't need it.

I am unable to drag and drop the rows in the table to reorder the output fields.

To drag a row around, simply click inside the "Column Title" column. The other two columns do contain the popup menus for the property type and the label, preventing the drag action from being triggered.

Exporter for Contacts does not list my custom templates anymore

Due to the renaming of the app in version 1.9.9, Exporter for Contacts is no longer able to find custom templates saved with earlier versions of the app. You can fix this for yourself by moving the templates into another folder.

  1. Quit Exporter for Contacts.
  2. Copy this line to the clipboard:
  3. In the Finder, choose “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” menu.
  4. Paste the copied file path into the text field and click “Go”
  5. The Finder should open a window with many aliases and folders, including a folder titled “Application Support”. Open that folder.
    You should see several folders, including “Export Address Book” and “Exporter for Contacts”. Both folders should contain a subfolder called “My Templates”. Move all files from “Export Address Book/My Templates” to “Exporter for Contacts/My Templates”.
  6. Launch Exporter for Contacts – your custom templates should now be listed in the Template Chooser.
Exporter for Contacts does not launch anymore

If the app suddenly fails to launch without further notice or if you get an error alert, saying that the app is damaged and needs to be reinstalled from the Mac App Store, then restart your Mac. Then launch the Mac App Store and sign in. If the problem still exists, move the app to the trash, then empty the trash. Launch the Mac App Store again and reinstall the app.

Can Exporter for Contacts handle large address books?

The app was tested with 12.000 contacts on a MacBook Pro from 2009 with 4GB memory installed. As a rule of thumb, the more contacts and contact properties you select for the export, the more memory the app will consume to to its job. Dependent of the memory installed in your computer, it can be necessary to split the export in junks.

Exporter for Contacts crashes every single time I use it! Please help!

If you encounter a crash please try to provide a crash report:

  • In the Finder, hold down the option key (=alt) on your keyboard and choose "Library" from the "Go" menu in the menubar
  • Open the folder called "Logs"
  • If you see a folder "DiagnosticReports" please open it and search for any files related to Exporter for Contacts. If there are any, please send them to .
I have a question regarding my purchase.

Please note that I’m not selling my software directly. FastSpring and Apple – both act technically and legally as the seller – will provide you with any assistance regarding to your payment. However, if you have a technical question or suggestion please contact me.